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Spring 2004
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February - April 2004

Sex, Not Just for Teenagers
Mr. Ruggles

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Sex, Not Just for Teenagers
Mr. Ruggles
Published 2/14/04

So, I don’t know what the general population thinks about sex. Everyone has their own little “thing” or “non-thing”, but I have a few words to throw into the sex opinion bucket. Sex should only get better as you get older. Of course, this comes from someone who always has a long-term sexual relationship going. But seriously, it’s a skill like any other; you learn it. (Man, if drum lessons were this fun, I’d be fuckin’ rich.) Everyone naturally gets better and starts to really know how to attract the other sex. You are so good you don’t even have to try. That’s why people get bored with sex. Now, if I play my drum the same way every time, I’ll get bored. That’s the trick; don’t be repetitive. That’s easier said than done because there are only so many things you know you like to do. (Which is the point of this article.)

Mr. Ruggles Definition of Perversion: Being turned on by something out of the norm.
Whatever your norm is, you can find something perverted outside that. To me it’s a totally positive word that somehow got bad connotations because some weird old man wanted to have sex with 6-year-old boys. For me, as long as it is consenting, then it’s free game.

My point is that, one kinky, perverted experience every 10-14 days (or possibly more frequently!) will clear that right up.

People must learn that they have to trust their partner in bed. If not them, then who? You’re only on the earth for a limited time. So tell them, write a note, then they can get excited in advance. In person is good too. Try something you always wanted to do. Just think about the first time you fooled around. It had that feeling of being very kinky because it was new.

You never get that feeling like the first 10 times having sex (guy speaking). So perversion is the vehicle for kinky. I will leave out the suggestions, even though I don’t want to. :-(

Some nice hints are, play music, it makes things last longer because you get in a rhythm. Having sex in different rooms is a nice touch. As I said before, talk about it earlier in the day; lunchtime conversations help build the excitement. Of course, one problem with enjoying kinkiness, is that having sex with a person you don’t know is kinky, and that can lead to a bad habit.

One last thing to add, everyone has their own freak inside, some people are understandably scared that their partner won’t be into it. It’s okay, they don’t have to like it or want to do it; they can do it for you. Maybe it will only happen once, but at least they tried it.

Let me tell you something, there is no more of a turn on than your partner getting turned on—tell them that! So let it ride, its play-time; you’re a kid and make it happen. When else do you actually get your dreams to occur? (Last time I checked I was still in debt and not a rockstar.)

It can be a time consuming activity to think and implement new things. Sometimes it takes me a while before I can face the fact that I’m thinking about something, and sometimes it just happens—and sometimes I chicken out.

I feel very strongly about people having sex, because I really do believe it will make the world a better place. Who’s not happy after having sex? Show me that person. Even if someone wants to screw sheep, they aren’t my biggest fear in life.

So go forth and have lots of sex, and freak your partner out. They’ll thank you for it. :-)

Mr. Ruggles


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