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Spring 2004
Issue #3

February - April 2004

Sex, Not Just for Teenagers
Mr. Ruggles

Like No Other Time, by Tom Daschle
A review
by Kristi Spurrier

Maintaining Spirituality in the Void We Call America
Mr. Ruggles
Libra Seeking Balance
Melissa Bator
What 2004 Means to Me
The Tonic
Bush's Capitalism: 21st Century Entropy
Jon Heinrich
Don't Think Twice,
It's Alright

Mike Kirkpatrick
Cows in the Road
Dan Berthiaume
Love, at 100
Pete Pidgeon
Summer's Freckles
Wes Ratko
Not a Love Story
Sarah Erdreich
Miami New Years
Team Meniscus
Tuckerman Ravine
Jon Heinrich
The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival: Ten tips for a successful Jazzfest
Chrystie Hopkins
Meniscus New Years Picks
Bootyjuice is a Band
Derek Gumuchian
One Double Grande Instrumental, Please (Hold the Flavored Syrup):
A Review of
Self-Titled Debut

Brian Gagné
Show Review:
Vida Blue, 1/3/04
Jackie Gleason Theatre, Miami, FL

Jon Heinrich
CD Review:
Spaceship Integration
Live From Nowhere

CD Review:
The Recipe
All You Can Eat
Love Is...
-Ryan Collins
Traded for Monkeys,
Livid [In Tall Grass]
What a Calamity!

-Brian Gagné
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Zeitgeist Gallery
Cambridge, Massachusetts
August 14, 2003

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Meniscus Portland Launch
Sky Bar @ The Roxy
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August 30, 2003

State of the Art
Lounge Ten
Boston, Massachussets
October 23, 2003


CD Review:

Spacestation Integration, Live From Nowhere

Published 2/14/04

Recorded on July 7, 2003, this live CD from Spacestation Integration, proves once again, that the banjo, if played right, can transcend its traditional roots and reach a broad and modern audience. Ryan Cavanaugh plays the banjo right. With speed and precision he blends the twangs of the banjo in and out of the funk bass lines produced by Rob Nye. On “McGee’s Crossroads”, Cavanaugh skillfully introduces us to the traditional and beautiful sounds of the banjo while slowly melding his sound with that of the other band members. This ten-minute long opening track showcases the diverse sounds and styles of Spacestation Integration. “Highland Drive” and “Minding the Little Things” let Nye, instead of Cavanaugh, lead. With his strong yet swift bass lines, Nye successfully brings a little funk to the banjo driven sound, creating a unique and shocking groove for listeners. To show that they are indeed a band and not a talent show “Electric Sandwich” and “Khazana” highlight the skills of all members. The succinct and precise changes necessary to successfully complete the complicated “Market Place”, allow drummer Matt Deibert and percussionist Chris Dougherty to show their talent. This amazing closer, written by Deibert and Cavanaugh, is a tribute to the skill of all band members.

Since the release of Live From Nowhere, Dougherty has moved on to pursue other musical adventures. Consequently, SSI is no more. Three of the four SSI members are still kicking it strong. You can check them out as the Ryan Cavanaugh Trio at http://ryancavanaughtrio.com

CD Review:

The Recipe, All You Can Eat

Published 2/14/04

The nine tracks on All You Can Eat, provide “tap your toe” songs that bring immediate smiles to hippies from coast to coast. The soulful and resonant vocals of Julie Edlow provide a unique and fresh sound currently lacking in the Jambands scene. Recorded live, all of the energy and improvisation between Joe Prichard (acoustic and electric guitar, banjo), Gregg Lowley (drums), Tom Whelan (percussion, Q-bass), and Kris Kehr (mandolin, banjolin, 12-string Bellzouki, harmonica) comes through loud and clear.

The Recipe create poly-stylistic grooves that are digestible, and fun. Although there are no exotic dishes on All You Can Eat, The Recipe serves it up as good as your mamma-could good.

For an additional helping of The Recipe check out their three studio albums, Love Marble Hoe Down (1995), Night of the Porch People (1998), and Geode (2000).

Visit www.therecipe.com for tour dates, because while a live recording is great, the real thing is better.

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