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Era 1


Jon Heinrich

Creative Director
Managing Editor
Chrystie Hopkins


Michael Weintrob
Erik Johnson
Jon Heinrich

Yuko Adachi
Brian Gagne
Derek Gumuchian
Hunter Nields
Regan Teti
Special Thanks to:

Brian and Derek for crystalizing the idea; Ralstar, for getting yourself out from under that 800 lb. bowler; and to everyone that provides inspiration to someone.

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Assembling Peace II:
The Resistance Strikes Back!!!

October 8, 2005

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Crystal Boots Movie Premiere
An Tua Nua, Boston MA
Oct. 21, 2004

State of the Art II
Club Europa, Boston MA
Feb. 19, 2004

State of the Art
Lounge Ten, Boston MA
Oct. 23, 2003

Sky Bar @ the Roxy, Portland ME
Aug. 30, 2003

Premier Launch Party,
Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge MA
Aug. 14, 2003



Meniscus Magazine

It's time to record the deep caverns of a culture.
Artists and thinkers need a place to
collect, collaborate, and distribute.

Meniscus Magazine is an online art forum where artists can share their positive viewpoint of the world. With so much bad news in the mainstream media, people need a place to read about the integrity of life. Meniscus is that hub of goodness—a nucleus of positivity where we can not only feel good about life as it is, but imagine evolution through revolution.

Published quarterly, Meniscus is always looking for artists and thinkers to contribute. If you have something to show or tell about the good life, let us know!

In short, we are all here to save the world. The choice is whether you accept that challenge or not. Now at the tip of the millennium, our earth is being attacked by the human nature of its inhabitants. But things are changing; people are becoming aware.

Meniscus Magazine is a torch—a guide to read the way—to help lead others to the bliss that you’ve found. After all, a contact high is a wonderful thing, but being high is even better. Individual perspective broadens the collective. Meniscus is like a convex lens that will take a precision beam of thought and disperse it to many places and angles, shedding light on many hidden corners of culture.

Why Meniscus?
A meniscus in scientific terms is “the surface tension on a column of liquid.” Just as gravity can pierce the surface tension of a liquid, we can break through the surface tension of life.

By tapping into the emerging spiritual counterculture, this online magazine is a conduit for free-flowing creativity powered by all the best things in life: music, art, design, photography, and word.

Pouring through wisdom from every angle, our job is to collect the brightest minds alive and spread the word. It’s time to see solutions come about from the free thinkers of our day.

Our AUDIENCE is anyone who chooses the brighter side of life. We cater to the intelligent explorer, who knows as well as we do, that life should be a celebration, and not a lament. We cater to those who seek excitement, change, happiness and the purest things that life has to offer.

Meniscus is the experience of awareness.


Q: What is Meniscus Magazine all about?

A: Meniscus serves as a conduit for today's creative culture. Conscousness explanding media, Meniscus Magazine was incepted to host a creative forum where writers, artists, and thinkers can express themselves freely.

Q: How do I get involved?

A: We are always looking for writers, photographers, artists, designers, and free-thinkers to contribute to Meniscus Magazine. If you have articles, story ideas, or art that fits with the philosophy of this magazine, we would love to publish your work. Please send questions and submissions to Jon Heinrich.

We embrace randomness, encourage!

Q: What do the different columns represent?


  • Elements – Facts, news, politics, philosophy, and anything concrete that you think we might like to know about.
  • Textures – The characteristic disposition of life: thoughts, ideas, and emotions about the feeling of life.
  • Stories – Story-telling time; pull up a seat on the rug and explore an alter-world.
  • Out Here – Traveling adventures and accompanying thoughts of the aspirant.
  • Vibrations – Reports on the liquid art of music and entertainment.
  • Gallery – Photography, paint, design, and various forms of visual splendor.

Q: When did Meniscus Magazine start?

A: The idea of Meniscus was around for a long time, until October 2002 when Jon and Chrystie ran into Derek and Brian in the basement of 15 Shannon Street. At that point, the idea reached saturation and began to crystallize into reality. Ten months later in August 2003, the premier issue was released with an opening at the Zeitgeist gallery in Cambridge, MA where the music of Clemmy’s Guttata, Silent Treatment, and DJ Reazon drove the night.

Meniscus Magazine and its staff do not accept responsibility for the thoughts and opinions expressed herein. Unless of course we wrote it, then there is some responsibility to be had. Otherwise, all thoughts and opinions belong to the responsible consenting adult that wrote the shit.


For advertising rates and information, please contact Jon Heinrich.


Meniscus Magazine © 2007. All material is property of respective artists.