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Spring 2004
Issue #3

February - April 2004

Sex, Not Just for Teenagers
Mr. Ruggles

Like No Other Time, by Tom Daschle
A review
by Kristi Spurrier

Maintaining Spirituality in the Void We Call America
Mr. Ruggles
Libra Seeking Balance
Melissa Bator
What 2004 Means to Me
The Tonic
Bush's Capitalism: 21st Century Entropy
Jon Heinrich
Don't Think Twice,
It's Alright

Mike Kirkpatrick
Cows in the Road
Dan Berthiaume
Love, at 100
Pete Pidgeon
Summer's Freckles
Wes Ratko
Not a Love Story
Sarah Erdreich
Miami New Years
Team Meniscus
Tuckerman Ravine
Jon Heinrich
The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival: Ten tips for a successful Jazzfest
Chrystie Hopkins
Meniscus New Years Picks
Bootyjuice is a Band
Derek Gumuchian
One Double Grande Instrumental, Please (Hold the Flavored Syrup):
A Review of
Self-Titled Debut

Brian Gagné
Show Review:
Vida Blue, 1/3/04
Jackie Gleason Theatre, Miami, FL

Jon Heinrich
CD Review:
Spaceship Integration
Live From Nowhere

CD Review:
The Recipe
All You Can Eat
Love Is...
-Ryan Collins
Traded for Monkeys,
Livid [In Tall Grass]
What a Calamity!

-Brian Gagné
Meniscus Premier Launch Party
Zeitgeist Gallery
Cambridge, Massachusetts
August 14, 2003

Metro Saturdays hosts
Meniscus Portland Launch
Sky Bar @ The Roxy
Portland, Maine
August 30, 2003

State of the Art
Lounge Ten
Boston, Massachussets
October 23, 2003


Enjoy your senses
in the Meniscus
Prose Lounge

Love is…

…walking a mile and a half up a mountain road against frigid gales in the
darkness because that's where you're lucky enough to live.

…heading back down the hill to meet your lover who called to let you know
she's on her way up.

...using only the "Zebra F-301 Ultra" pen when writing.

…using only blue ink regardless of the inconvenience to yourself and others.

…sacrificing where you live for what you do to follow your dream.

…sacrificing what you do for where you live to follow your dream.

…a best of seventeen sand volleyball match between friends with breaks to
drink from the pony keg that's on ice in the trunk.

…being chased around a Land Cruiser by a dog gone mad off vodka hooch.

…continuing to live where you've lived your entire life because your mate
just arrived.

…failing and starting again.

…setting up a forum where everyone can reflect on what Love is.


Ryan Collins

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