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Issue #2

November - February 2004

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Bynum's Corner Word Games

The Dissapperance of Childhood
Sarah Trachtenburgh

There's something about Crystal Boots
Drayton Patriota
Debate/Retort by Little Lamb
The Apothecary and Mr. Cesnek
Chrystie Hopkins
A Stroll Down Shakedown Street
Caleb Estabrooks
Out of the Box, Into my Hands
Derek Gumuchian
Travel Log of a Colorado Girl
Erin Hopkins
Santa Fe
Chrystie Hopkins
How to find your friends at IT!
Rob Hansen
Meniscus New Years Picks
Sound Tribe Sector 9: Focusing the Light
-Jon Heinrich
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Take a Trip with the Wild and Wooly Masters of the Jam-Jazz Scene
-Brian Gagné
CD Review:
Solar Igniter
CD Review:
Cadillac Jones-
Junk in the Trunk
Through Glass
and Grain

-Aiden FitzGerald
four poems
-Brandon Rigo
-Pete Pidgeon
Art Model
-Julia Magnusson
-Julia Magnusson
Dead dog
-Julia Magnusson
-Julia Magnusson
Those games
we'd play

-Julia Magnusson
Ode de Toiletté
-Aron Ralston
-Stephanie Laterza
-Stephanie Laterza
-Stephanie Laterza
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Enjoy your senses
in the Meniscus
Prose Lounge

Pete Pidgeon
Published 11/15/03

When the time has come
To find the answers
And nothing is left
But a puddle of mud
There is but a window of hope
Omnicient of whose blood this is exposed

Do not question these outcomes
Only accept them as is
There is not complaint
It is all as is
God has made this path
The trouble is accepting it
As God’s vision

How can a mortal ever hope to
See such grandeur and come to its terms
It is impossible
The only way we can explain it is
Pain is beauty

To win is not give in
Only you can lose
The trick is to never see loss
To be blind to its enticement
Loss is The Devil much in the way that
He tries to convince you to end
What he cannot end for you but wishes to

Everything is loss.
What is to win?
To win is to make it to the end
And stay afloat until the end is not by your own design


-Pete Pidgeon

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