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Winter Issue #2
November 15, 2003
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Be Kind to the Temple and Kick Cancer
Jon Heinrich
The great news is you have full control over your body. If you choose life, life is what you shall receive. The body is your temple; physical and spiritual strength go hand in hand. Like Sting said "We're just spirits in a material world"...
Bynum's Corner Word Games
Try a hand at an anagram...
The Dissapperance of Childhood
Sarah Tractenburgh
It seems taken for granted now, but childhood did not always exist. There was no such thing as innocence of youth; a time when kids could be kids without the adult struggles of survival...playing, exploring and changing.

Winter Issue, #2 Published 11/15/03


There's something about Crystal Boots
Drayton Patriota

Debate/Retort by Little Lamb
Political cartoon column by
the mysterious Little Lamb.

Letter from the Editor- Winter Issue, #2

We have reached an information threshold. The time has come for change.

In the past, the constraint has been Awareness. The relative slow and controlled nature of the press has allowed only selective information to get free. But now those bounds have been broken. The information age is here.

We can spread information freely. You can’t outsmart the collective consciousness of the world. This is an exciting time, we’re ready to bust through the Awareness of a species.
But we can’t be afraid. We need to affix our united vision to the way we want the world to be.

Erin Hopkins, in “Travel Log of a Colorado Girl,” says we need to let nature to remind us of life’s true priorities. I couldn’t agree more.

When I was in high school, my dad got two motorized dirt bikes to nurture the recreational spirit of our family. There’s nothing like a day-jaunt in the Rocky Mountain front range to remind yourself of what’s really important. Along with dirt-bikes, came lessons (probably a good idea.) One critical lesson in navigating any two-wheeled buggy through the forest is this: watch where you’re going. Yes, simple; but the effects are far reaching. For example, if you’re coming down the trail towards a rock in your path, it’s best to not look at it. Instead, look at the space between the rocks. If you do this, chances are your tires will run perfectly between the obstacles. Or if you’re nervous about riding next to a steep cliff, don’t look down! The more you focus your mind and your eyes on the undesirable obstacles, the more likely you are to hit them.

The same goes in life.

If you affix your mind on something, it’s likely to happen. That’s why people who set specific goals are successful—because they have something to strive for to energize the spirit.

The act of Becoming follows the same simple progression: thought, speech, manifestation. Once a thought occurs, so does the potential for existence. If you verbalize that thought, it is one step closer to Becoming reality. The choice is yours whether you pursue it or not, but chances are if your mind is affixed on it, it will happen.

Now take this concept of think-speak-be, and apply it to the big picture. It makes sense. If you doubt it, take a look at the evening news tonight.

It just isn’t news unless someone dies.

But what came first? Bad news or the terrible events? Everyday people affix their minds on mass media’s news while they cook breakfast, ride the train, drive to work, or surf the Internet. The destructive cycle of humanity is fueled—and to some extent created by—mass media.

That’s where we come in. Meniscus is here to bring you good news and beauty; insight and solutions; joy and love. If society can focus on such splendorous things, perhaps the major news networks would have less bad news to report on. Positivity has profound effects on how the world exists to the beholder.

Its time to break down the boundaries of human information awareness. Once this happens, the greater picture will unveil itself. Now as a culture, you and I spend our lives pursuing military and economic domination over the world, whether you like it or not.

This is a beautiful time. We are going to break through an era of humanity. It simply cannot go on like this; evolution will have its way. Will you be a part of this evolution; or will you be a victim of natural selection?

In the article “Be Kind to the Temple and Kick Cancer”, Brian Haas says you’d better pay attention to what you’re putting in your body. Because it all starts right here. With you. Now.

Special thanks to our contributors. We’re here for you and couldn’t do it without you. Thank you.




The Apothecary and Mr. Cesnek
Chrystie Hopkins
Creatures lurking in the shadows for just one more bloody morsel. Take care to cherish the garlic lest ye be taken by the deathly teeter of the creatures of the night.

A Stroll Down Shakedown Street
Caleb Estabrooks
Take a trip down a dusty road covered in subculture. What happens in the forest where you might see anything...

Out of the Box, Into my Hands
Derek Gumuchian
If you've been there then you know what I'm talking about. Getting out of the cubicle of corporate serfdom could be the best thing you'll ever do. Fortunately, the universe provides...



Travel Log of a Colorado Girl
Erin Hopkins
Visiting the east coast forced me to ask certain questions: Nature's reminders to stay focused on the simple things that mattered were gone. Nothing is simple. Grocery shopping? Ha. Parking? Joke...

Santa Fe
Chrystie Hopkins
Flat desert space extends for hundreds of miles. This flat space is occasionally broken to reveal thousands of years of development and erosion. Although the land is sparse, it is very inviting...

How to find your friends at IT!
Join team Meniscus and build an installation designed by Rob Hansen. Despite 70,000 people, you won't get lost...

Meniscus New Years Picks
No matter where you're at, consider these options. Don't let 2003 pass without a main event. Celebrate New Year's wisely...



Sound Tribe Sector 9: Focusing the Light
-Jon Heinrich
David Murphy from STS9 talks with Meniscus about the sense of life that dawns inspiration for the river of music they produce. What does it take for a soul to create such a mellifluous groove?

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Take a Trip with the Wild and Wooly Masters of the Jam-Jazz Scene
-Brian Gagné
Their two most recent releases, All is One and Telluride is Acoustic, display two sides of the same avant-jazz coin that is JFJO. Join them on their “Magical Tour of Truth, Love, and Light”.

CD Review:
Modereko- Solar Igniter

CD Review:
Cadallic Jones- Junk in the Trunk





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