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Winter 2003
Issue #2

November - February 2004

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Bynum's Corner Word Games

The Dissapperance of Childhood
Sarah Trachtenburgh

There's something about Crystal Boots
Drayton Patriota
Debate/Retort by Little Lamb
The Apothecary and Mr. Cesnek
Chrystie Hopkins
A Stroll Down Shakedown Street
Caleb Estabrooks
Out of the Box, Into my Hands
Derek Gumuchian
Travel Log of a Colorado Girl
Erin Hopkins
Santa Fe
Chrystie Hopkins
How to find your friends at IT!
Rob Hansen
Meniscus New Years Picks
Sound Tribe Sector 9: Focusing the Light
-Jon Heinrich
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Take a Trip with the Wild and Wooly Masters of the Jam-Jazz Scene
-Brian Gagné
CD Review:
Solar Igniter
CD Review:
Cadillac Jones-
Junk in the Trunk
Through Glass
and Grain

-Aiden FitzGerald
four poems
-Brandon Rigo
-Pete Pidgeon
Art Model
-Julia Magnusson
-Julia Magnusson
Dead dog
-Julia Magnusson
-Julia Magnusson
Those games
we'd play

-Julia Magnusson
Ode de Toiletté
-Aron Ralston
-Stephanie Laterza
-Stephanie Laterza
-Stephanie Laterza
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Bynum's Corner

Brought to you by Evan Bynum
Published 11/15/03

Read the phrases or names below and using your own creative power, rework them into new sentences. It is really interesting what the rearranging of a few letters can do. Share them with Meniscus where we’ll have readers vote for their favorites for issue #3.

Winners of the Meniscus anagram contest will be proudly awarded a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon at your choice of Jamaica Plain pubs! Airfare and transportation expenses not included. (Although we’re not above mailing you a tall boy!)

Example 1:
George W. Bush

He grew bogus
Bush ego grew
Where bugs go
Whose bugger?
Ogre hugs web

Now try your own:

Albert Einstein

Donald Rumsfeld

Britney Spears

Hadassah Lieberman

Convicted Corporations

Global Dominance

Clear Channel Monopoly

Diddy ran the City

Welfare Reform

Slick Rick deportation

Anti-Globalization Protests

Organic Farming

Tenacious D Hunger Strike

Allium sativum

Submit anagrams to submissions@meniscusmagazine.com, with "Anagram Contest" in subject line. Winners will be decided in the next issue!

-Evan Bynum

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