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Spring 2005
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A Spiritual Autobiography
Annie Rigo
Somewhere during the four years of high school, I had a strong sense inside of me that said I would be a minister one day. At first, I realized the desire of so many of my friends to talk about God and talk about problems, and just be in open conversations about it. I didn't feel any pressure to find out more about how to become a minister—I just left an opening for God's Spirit.

The Writing Instructor
Dan Berthiaume
As a forty-second birthday resolution, Ted had sworn off undergraduates. He had honored that pledge in the two years since, until he met Rachel.

Lock-less Gumuchian
Photography by Jon Heinrich
Derek Gumuchian sheds his dreds on the first day of Spring. See the step-by-step transformation as Derek reflects upon the symbolism, meaning, and motivation for the makeover.


Lock-less Gumuchian

At Sunrise on the First Day of Spring

Derek Gumuchian

Photography by
Jon Heinrich
Published 3/31/05

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At Sunrise on the first day of Spring

It had been four years since my last haircut.

My hair grew together to form what children have called ‘ropes’ coming out of my head.

I loved those ropes. I felt like they told everyone everything.

And saved me a bunch of work.

They identified me.

People would say ‘the hair looks great’.

Distance-friends would ask how my hair was doing.

My family rolled their eyes more often than I would have liked.

For four years my hair and I shared the same philosophy.

I allowed peace to wash over me.

I breathed.

I boomed over microphones to full and empty rooms,

And sang quietly to myself.

I represented myself with total honesty.

That was the greatest lesson of all.

Derek Gumuchian

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