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Spring 2005
Issue #7
The Mojo Issue

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Ralstonian Update
Find out what is happening with mountaineer and author Aron Ralston. He is always up to something, and this update is monumental.

Eastern European Tour
Erik Johnson
Breaking the routine is the best way to energize our spirits— and there is no better way to recharge the mojo than by grabbing a friend or two and heading out to new places where you can immerse yourself in new surroundings. Join Erik Johnson on a photo tour of Eastern Europe.

Peace Rally in Boston Common
Photography by Jon Heinrich
Two years after the first bomb was dropped on Iraq, thousands of peace activists gathered around the world to protest the U.S. led war in Iraq. See photos from the March 20, 2005 rally in Boston, MA.

Chronicles of a Redneck Fisherman—
An Interview with John Hendrickson

Kristi Spurrier
Mojo, as H describes it, is the magic stick (singing it of course); mojo is what drives you. Mojo is passion, obsession, and yearning for more. The mojo issue is a perfect place to introduce Johnny H to the world, to laugh and learn from his enthusiasm, devotion, and most of all the art of angling.


Ralstonian Update



Aron Ralston has been busy. Shown above, he stops for a packet of goo at 22,000 feet on his ascent of Argentina’s Aconcagua (23,080 ft, 6962 m). This monster peak marks not only the highest point of South America and the southern hemisphere, but also the highest in the western hemisphere. Look for more details in an upcoming issue of Men’s Journal.

In addition to journeying to distant continents, he has also accomplished monumental achievments at home. This March he completed his 59th Colorado fourteener, solo, in the winter. Ralston is the first man to achieve this. Nice work, buddy.

A week ago, Ralston was crossing the Michigan/Wisconsin border on his way to his 45th state highpoint. Up in the upper peninsula, he got lost several times in the back roads from poor sineage and high rivers of runnof made it impossible to get his car closer than 9 miles from the highpoint. With no choice but to walk, he encountered knee-deep snow through which he post-holed for the last mile.

Luckily he encountered some good ole U.P. hospitality on the way home. The UPers (residents of the UP) came by on their ATV’s fully stocked with beers. Four older gentlemen in their 60s and 70s offered Aron a ride, saving him the monotonous 8 mile return to his rental car. Nothing like having a few beers on the back of a forest buggy to celebrate his 45th state highpoint.

Once Aron Ralston was within striking distance of his goal, he would not be deterred. Originally he planned to circle from Wisconsin back to Chicago, Illinois to hang out with friends. But then he opened the atlas to the big USA map, and decided to make a go for his remaining three highpoints on the mainland: Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama. With a flight out of Chicago he had to drive for 40 of the next 60 hours to complete his goal.

That leaves only Hawaii.

The magnitude of the mission is at par with the average Ralstonian mission, logistics unusual. He’s nearing the completion of the fourth “list” of his. About five years ago he made some goals for himself:

Climb all of Colorado’s fourteeners. Check.

Climb Colorado’s high centennial: the hundred highest peaks in the state. Check.

Climb all of Colorado’s fourteeners solo, in the winter months. Check. As of this March he became the first person to do this.

Climb the high points in the United States. 49 of 50 as of 4/10/05 at 10 PM EST.


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