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Cosmic Mojo: A Discussion with Artists Yuko Adachi & Andreas Gmür
Jon Heinrich
“You can’t change the mojo from what it is, you can tame it, you can create it, but mojo keeps going because it has a mission of survival.” Artists Yuko Adachi and Andreas Gmür share their views on energy, sex, and creating art.there

Everything I Thought I Knew About Mojo Turned Out to be True – Sort of
Emlyn Lewis
For the longest time I bumbled and stumbled along in life equating this tyrannical force in my shorts with the beating and pulsing of the universe, the very respiration of life itself. If the world was a flower, I was the stamen, or is it the pistil? I never paid much attention in biology either.


Cosmic Mojo
A Discussion with Artists
Yuko Adachi & Andreas Gmür

Jon Heinrich
Published 3/31/05

Energy is an omnipresent dynamic creative force that exists as evolution. Chi is the energy that flows not only through the whole universe, but through each human vessel and contains the power to create reality.

Beginning at the foundation of our most fundamental instincts, mojo energy is the drive to survive. Basic instincts tell all the cells of our body that there is one priority: to survive and procreate. Through this pervasive theme, the potential of human existence unfolds.

Energy equals mass tines the speed of light squared: E=mc2. This breakthrough near the turn of the last century, turned science into a believer. While laboratories prove that matter and light are interchangeable, yogi’s breathe pure essence of God into their lungs with every intentional breath.

Bruce Lee is a perfect example of a small human that was able to channel the vast energy of the universe, through his spirit and will, to become a powerful master. Different masters have different specialties, however. Some choose martial arts. Others pick up a paintbrush, like Yuko Adachi and Andreas Gmür, and convey their energy to others.

Visual art explains more vividly that words ever could, the energy systems that create the living world around us. If its true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then Yuko Adachi and Andreas Gmür have created more meaning than most of us can conceive of. The two of them make an interesting pair to say the least. Yuko came to America from Japan to meet her Swiss-Brazilian soul mate, Andreas. The two work together in Boston’s SOWA art district, and their apartment in Brighton, Mass. to create some of the most inspiring artwork in the city. Through their beautiful canvases, they express the sense of life that powers their souls to create the amazing.

Meniscus Magazine had the chance to chat with the two about mojo on a snowy February night.

JH: What is mojo to you?

AG: Everyone has same the potential to access vast energy. More developed souls are able to control and manipulate this energy. Like Bruce Lee channeled his energy towards martial arts, Jesus and Buddha channeled theirs to love and compassion. There are healers out there. People that can channel their qui energy to reawaken and reestablish a healthy energy circulation in other fellow beings.

This energy exists everywhere. Each person has their own energy system that conducts and circulates. It wants to be circulating but most of us don’t circulate the energy because of stress. The energy travels up the spine then turns around at your head and comes back down the front of you. That’s when the energy is healthily flowing, but in cases of physical stress, emotional stress and illness, this energy doesn’t flow like it is supposed to flow. That brings with it mental and physical imbalances and potentially even cancer. Most of our illnesses are due to an imbalance in energy. But through certain exercises, you can reawaken this energy system. Everyone is their own best healer for their ailments. Western medicine tries to cut it out with surgery, not necessarily the most effective way to heal. A powerful way is for you to heal yourself with eastern philosophically-inspired exercises. That’s where the true help comes from. From the inside, that’s the true place to find balance.

Anamisim is Yuko’s background, not only a Japanese background, but background of the one culture that was the source of all human beings. It boils down to instinct, before education tells you what to believe in, we knew that we are all connected to the earth and the universe. Living energy in different forms.

YA: Our thoughts are shaped by our language which reflects the historical background of the culture we grew up in. In Western culture, you are not conscious of the spiritual side of the human being in everyday life. If we (Japanese) were to describe something in Western language, you would barely know what we’re talking about because English lacks the words to explain it. But you can be conscious of it.

Humans can be conscious of spirituality but, the way of thinking is being obstructed by words. Each time you put something into words, you limit its meaning because we know and feel more than a word can express itself.

JH: Is that something you understand with your intellect or something that you feel through experience?

YA: Both. Experiences teach you in reality and the intellect can teach you about something you haven’t experienced yet, for instance through a book. By sharing.

YA: In my culture, we think there is a spirit of water, a spirit of stone, etc.; this is what your parents teach you and you start to feel them. So as you go through time, it is only natural to realize every day that you’re living with millions of spirits around you and you are a part of that nature. I know enough from living in this world what the difference between a false illusion and reality is so I do not find it necessary to take drugs to feel close to nature and be in touch with its energy.

AG: That goes along with the Taoist idea that everything is energy. The forest has an amazing amount of energy because its all living. You get the collective spirit of the organisms together. Then the collective energy is called the spirit of the forest, but its an accumulation of thousands of components. But the English language is limited... The only thing you could call it is cosmic energy.

JH: Even now modern physics is proving it's true. This physical manifestation that is me is just a bunch of stuff, clinging around an energetic system some how. I’m self sufficient, conscious, animated, I don’t have to be plugged in anywhere; a miraculous scheme of things.

AG: Very simply, mojo is just chi energy. Einsten’s formula E=mc2 explains the relationship between matter and energy. Like a water molecule that can be in different states. When the atoms are condensed together, the water is ice. When the molecules have a little more space, they are liquid water. Even more space to move and its vapor. Its still the same molecule just in a different form. The same thing goes for physical matter, it is energy in a condensed form.

With a Kirlian camera, we can now take a picture of this bio electro-magnetic energy and actually capture people’s auras on film. If you train yourself, you can actually feel it. If you concentrate on this energy, you will literally feel this warm ball around your hand. That’s the same energy that Bruce Lee was a master of. He was able to build up and work with this energy. And all of us have this potential. Unfortunately most of us are busy with other things. But in eastern traditions, every martial art is about chi, or energy.

YA: For me, mojo is an innate desire to survive and prosper. You don’t choose it, it's the seed in your core. But because we are conscious of it, we can focus on it and allow it to grow bigger. You are given the seed and its your job to nurture it, control it.

JH: It seems like there’s two ways of looking at that: In terms of Maslow’s pyramid, on one end you’ve got the biological instinct of procreation, and on the other side, you’ve got art, creativity, and self actualization.

YA: What I mean really is very barbaric. Mojo is something we’re here to accomplish, we’ve been given sex to survive, its a mission, your drive to create a baby, your drive to pass on generations.

AG: But that animalistic instinctual side is just a part of mojo...

YA: But not just for animals, for plants too. They need the pollen, the desire to mate, that’s how things come together. Through individual natures, beings attract each other. Bees to pollen. Everything’s a mission to survive and you do that by creating the next offspring.

JH: So, how does that relate to the 21st century life where we’re out at the bar and someone catches your eye? You don’t even know them, but you connect through some kind of chemistry.

YA: Whether it be the opposite sex or anyone else that I have a genuine attraction to—sometimes they’re not even in my generation—you feel a very special energy. Whoever inspires you and makes you feel alive, its a way to be reminded that you are alive!

AG: When you have this connection going, everyone has a frequency. Some of us have a very similar or even identical frequency and that’s when you find a mutual attraction—an instantaneous connection when you really say “wow, I really hit it off with this person!” In certain rare occasions, you might even feel in your inner voice that this is a soul mate of yours. This happened to me once, Yuko had this happen once as well with some one else. I was interacting with this person verbally and visually, looking in her eyes and I had this inner voice resonating within me telling me this was a soul mate of mine. That was so intense!

YA: Its a realistic reminder in everyday experience that we are just a ball of energy contained in the physical world. That’s how I feel when you meet somebody.

For me when you click, you feel really alive, you feel like you’ve found a place in this big world. You can come out of this shell and connect your energy to this eternal feeling.

Mojo is all about survival and prosperity and all these instincts make us go back to the orgin of who we are which is just a ball of energy. In every day life, you forget where you come from.

AG: In my opinion, mojo is chi, then depending on where you channel this energy, you can do different things with it.

YA: You can’t change the mojo from what it is, you can tame it, you can create it, but mojo keeps going is because it has a mission of survival.

But besides yoga, physical connection—intercourse—brings you to that spot that you’ve never experienced before. Its very spiritual having a human body connected to you in ultimate unison. Its so peaceful and empowering. You realize that you’re here temporarily and some day you’re going to go someplace else.

AG: But the whole system is evolving. We are sexually driven beings and we’re evolving towards spiritual beings.

YA: Intercourse is not only for sexual pleasure, but its also for opening the gate. You’re in this space where you thought you knew what it was all about but you’ve never experienced anything like it. Its like opening the gate, its so powerful. (AG: Tantric sex...) When you see something that you’ve never experienced before, its beyond physical pleasure, it lets you know that you are just a soul contained in a physical container, i.e. body.

AG: Through intercourse, these energy systems can connect and create one super energy system. Then you consciously move the energy between the two bodies, with the same goal in mind. That’s tantric sex—known as a way to achieve temporary states of enlightenment. Energy can be taken to new heights.

YA: And here comes my therory, I don’t believe in monogamy. If you think of sex just as a horny thing, it's deceiving, because sex can open the gate to the soul. Humans are not meant to be monogamous. I see mojo as the starting of nature. Its so instinctive but we are educating ourselves to think otherwise. We adjust our selves for society because it creates less problems, but as a life force, we are not meant to be monogamous. We are supposed to mingle with as many people as we can get connected at the same spiritual level and get to this pure state of mind and space.

Having sex just for pleasure is not what I’m saying. I’m saying, instinctively, we are a living things that are able to open up to many other people for a connection. But this society tries to make you pick the one for the rest of your life. It goes against your natural instincts. Your energy wants to be shared. It has to be pure though, it can’t be just because you’re picturing somebody naked. It has to be a totally pure state of mind. Its all about connection.

AG: You’ve got to watch out because if you feel this connection with a pretty person, it might be just visual. You might just be drawn to very attractive people, but getting back to soul recognition, that’s much deeper. Between this surface attraction and soul recognition, there are many degrees of connection between people.

JH: How do you know it?

YA: It’s when your heart recognizes. Same feeling as why you know a flower is beautiful. It is an instinct.

Humans have the most responsibility because we have the most choices. We can analyze as we grow older and realize life its not driven by an uncontrollable force. We have the opportunity to control life.

To tie together, chi is at our disposable as responsible evolved creatures with brains, system to make choices, take reality and mold it.

AG: The most crucial aspect of mojo is the breath. Mojo can be manipulated and channeled through the breath. Fuel yourself with air. We can provide for ourselves. Goes hand in hand with the biblical reference of prana being blown into Adam and Eve by God. Breath of God in your system.

Mojo and breathing go hand in hand. Be conscious about breathing patterns. To become the master of your mojo, you must monitor your breathing. Consciously breathe deeply and slowly and your system will go into relaxation mode.


Please check out Yuko and Andy G.'s web sites:
www.yukoadachi.com & www.AndreasGmur.com



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