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Spring 2005
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A Spiritual Autobiography
Annie Rigo
Somewhere during the four years of high school, I had a strong sense inside of me that said I would be a minister one day. At first, I realized the desire of so many of my friends to talk about God and talk about problems, and just be in open conversations about it. I didn't feel any pressure to find out more about how to become a minister—I just left an opening for God's Spirit.

The Writing Instructor
Dan Berthiaume
As a forty-second birthday resolution, Ted had sworn off undergraduates. He had honored that pledge in the two years since, until he met Rachel.

Lock-less Gumuchian
Photography by Jon Heinrich
Derek Gumuchian sheds his dreds on the first day of Spring. See the step-by-step transformation as Derek reflects upon the symbolism, meaning, and motivation for the makeover.


Lock-less Gumuchian

At Sunrise on the First Day of Spring

Derek Gumuchian

Photography by
Jon Heinrich
Published 3/31/05

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And that is why I had to cut my hair.

During those four years,

I learned about things that draw me now more strongly than anything before.


I cannot afford to make diluted progress on my path as I had.


Once I considered the self found,

My hair became a relic of a bygone era.


A beautiful, free era in my life during which I rooted myself in peace and balance.

I am still.

I have found balance with progress.

I have remained flexible and strong.

I am not as I was, but cleaner, smoother, more aware.

I love myself.

My hair was between my mind and the world.

It protected me and buffered the space between people’s opinions and my ears.

So I cut it.

Derek Gumuchian

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