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Spring 2005
Issue #7
The Mojo Issue

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Cosmic Mojo: A Discussion with Artists Yuko Adachi & Andreas Gmür
Jon Heinrich
“You can’t change the mojo from what it is, you can tame it, you can create it, but mojo keeps going because it has a mission of survival.” Artists Yuko Adachi and Andreas Gmür share their views on energy, sex, and creating art.there

Everything I Thought I Knew About Mojo Turned Out to be True – Sort of
Emlyn Lewis
For the longest time I bumbled and stumbled along in life equating this tyrannical force in my shorts with the beating and pulsing of the universe, the very respiration of life itself. If the world was a flower, I was the stamen, or is it the pistil? I never paid much attention in biology either.

Motivated by Guilt
Derek Meier
Guilt drove me out from beneath the covers of my dream machine. I would feel guilty if I didn't get out of bed. Though I'm fine with being in bed all day, for some reason I just can't stand to tell anyone else in the world that I slept until 2:30 in the afternoon.

Music Maestro, Please
Michael Levy
The question to ask oneself is: Have I truly been the maestro of the orchestrations in my life or have I let other people conduct all my compositions without any of my own legitimate personal input.

Jamcruise— An Assignment in the Life of Photographer Michael Weintrob
Jon Heinrich
What motivates photographer Michael Weintrob? Connections, music, and running his own photography business are just a few things that drive him. Weintrob shares his crazy experiences and philosophy with Meniscus Magazine.

A Spiritual Autobiography
Annie Rigo
Somewhere during the four years of high school, I had a strong sense inside of me that said I would be a minister one day. At first, I realized the desire of so many of my friends to talk about God and talk about problems, and just be in open conversations about it. I didn't feel any pressure to find out more about how to become a minister—I just left an opening for God's Spirit.

The Writing Instructor
Dan Berthiaume
As a forty-second birthday resolution, Ted had sworn off undergraduates. He had honored that pledge in the two years since, until he met Rachel.

Lock-less Gumuchian
Derek Gumuchian
Photography by Jon Heinrich

Derek Gumuchian sheds his dreds on the first day of Spring. See the step-by-step transformation as Derek reflects upon the symbolism, meaning, and motivation for the makeover.

Ralstonian Update
Find out what mountaineer and author Aron Ralston is up to. Check out his list of goals and what he's about to check off.

Eastern European Tour
Erik Johnson
Breaking the routine is the best way to energize our spirits— and there is no better way to recharge the mojo than by grabbing a friend or two and heading out to new places where you can immerse yourself in new surroundings. Join Erik Johnson on a photo tour of Eastern Europe.

Peace Rally in Boston Common
Photography by Jon Heinrich
Two years after the first bomb was dropped on Iraq, thousands of peace activists gathered around the world to protest the U.S. led war in Iraq. See photos from the March 20, 2005 rally in Boston, MA.

Chronicles of a Redneck Fisherman—
An Interview with John Hendrickson

Kristi Spurrier
Mojo, as H describes it, is the magic stick (singing it of course) Mojo is passion, obsession, and yearning for more; its what drives you. What a perfect place to introduce Johnny H to the world, to laugh and learn from his enthusiasm, devotion, and most of all the art of angling.

Hall's Groove Project
Jon Heinrich
As Addison Groove Project moves on with the encapsulated life of John Hall in front of them, they are driven by the memories of his relentless positivity and unceasing commitment to doing what he loved.

DVD Review:
The Ultimate Party Collection
Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Dazed and Confused
Chrystie Hopkins
If 1976 was about pot and muscle cars, then 1982 was all about attitude and getting laid. Now available as a set, Dazed and Confused and Fast Times as Ridgemont High make up the ultimate party DVD set.

CD Reviews:
Sound Tribe Sector 9Artifact
Color and TaleaProject Mayhem
Oshe—The Good Book

Editor's Letter
Published 3/31/05

Hello all, and welcome to the Mojo issue of Meniscus Magazine! When we put out the call for submissions a few months ago, we had no idea what we’d be getting on this hot topic. But as you’ll see, the creative artistic and musical counterculture has got it goin’ on!

So what is mojo? Well, according to artists Yuko and Andy G., in Cosmic Mojo, it starts with the powerful, innate desire to survive and prosper. At its most fundamental level, mojo is the tendency for beings to attract each other and produce off spring. This mission to survive lies at the very base of evolution and is everyone’s ultimate raison d’etre.

Mojo is the zesty spark that makes life amazing and allows it to continue. Within each human being there is a holistic energy system stimulated by a powerful sexual battery. The tendency to procreate is the fuel for the spirit that adds primal vitality, essence and energy to life—balancing the yin and yang.

Emlyn Lewis thought he knew all about mojo prior to the recent birth of his first child. What he found out is that mojo is not only the life force driving us to survive, but it is also the result of that life force brought into reality. If this doesn’t make sense, just flip to the picture of his embodied mojo in the Elements section and see for yourself.

On the other side of the spectrum, this barbaric life force can be harnessed and channeled to any area of your life that requires pizzazz! One of the greatest gifts of human evolution is our unique ability to shape life through our intentions. Not all creatures are lucky enough to have such manifestable will power, but humans can literally create reality with our thoughts through action. More highly evolved people are thus able to harness the animalistic desire for sex and channel this powerful energy towards other areas of their life. When you’re not using this creative force for procreation, it can be channeled to any thing you set your mind to: art, music, photography, spirituality, philosophy, travel, technology—even fishing! (Not that fishing is better than sex...!)

Have you set your mind on your greatest potential? In Music Maestro Please, Michael Levy urges us all to ask a few simple but important questions in regard to where we focus our will power: Have I truly been the maestro of the orchestrations in my life? Or have I let other people conduct my compositions without my input? What does it mean being the maestro of one's own life?

Of course everyone is different. Maybe you’ve decided to channel this vital essence towards spirituality as Annie Rigo has. Maybe your bag is photography. Or perhaps your driven to get out of bed because its past noon and the rest of the world has been awake for hours. Everyone is different.

For Addison Groove Project, the band members are driven by the memory of John Hall, friend and band-mate. Even though it was tragic to lose a 25 year old to cancer, he lived a life of strength, positivity and empowerment that his friends will remember forever. Now with the true realization that life is short, they tour with everything they have, always remembering not to take life too seriously when the glass seems half empty.

Sounds like mojo to me.

So how does our mojo relate to others? Carl Jung might say that when you’re out on the town and see someone with a “supernormal degree of luminosity” it might be just chance—or it could be a meaningful coincidence. I’d like to think it has something to do with the natural harmony of the universe leading us to find people on the same wavelength.

Everyone’s energy vibrates at a certain frequency. We are all motivated at different levels based on human needs; from basic survival needs to self-actualization and transcendence. Less energized individuals will be motivated by hunger, thirst and bodily comforts. But those that are able to capture and control the vast power of their personal mojo will be able to drive towards self-actualization, where you can truly realize your full potential.

Highly evolved individuals are not only able to drive towards their own self-fulfillment, but they are able to take on the greater struggles of the world. We here at Meniscus Magazine recently had the opportunity to work with some amazing people that have taken on the daunting task of making the world a better place by working to end the war in Iraq.

On March 26th, Meniscus and Boston-based musician Brian O’Connell hosted Assembling Peace, a party for peace and justice in Jamaica Plain, Mass. When we began planning the event two months ago, we had no idea how it was going to turn out. What we found was a rich culture of activists and organizations that are set on bringing justice to the world by educating people and ending the war. It was a truly amazing experience to be a part of such a powerful grass roots movement and to see the gusto that these people exude. Thank you to everyone that focuses his or her energy on bringing light to the rest of the world.

So as you peruse this springtime issue of Meniscus, enjoy the art and ideas from the upper echelon of human consciousness. This creative energy made its way through the perception of the artist and now is in front of you as a resplendent snapshot of Awareness. What you’ve got here is electronically-transmitted liquid mojo: manifest destiny.

Peace and Love,



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From the Swim Sale 2004 Vol. 2 catalog.


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