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Spring 2005
Issue #7
The Mojo Issue

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Hall's Groove Project
Jon Heinrich
As Addison Groove Project moves on with the encapsulated life of John Hall in front of them, they are driven by the memories of his relentless positivity and unceasing commitment to doing what he loved.

DVD Review:
The Ultimate Party Collection
Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Dazed and Confused
Chrystie Hopkins
If 1976 was about pot and muscle cars, then 1982 was all about attitude and getting laid. Now available as a set, Dazed and Confused and Fast Times as Ridgemont High make up the ultimate party DVD set.

CD Reviews:
Sound Tribe Sector 9Artifact
Color and TaleaProject Mayhem
Oshe—The Good Book



Sound Tribe Sector 9

Published 3/31/05

Dear Boss,

Yesterday I had an experience that changed my life. I went to see a band called Sound Tribe Sector 9. I have seen them several times, and am a huge fan, but for some reason, last night was different. I own all their CDs. Live at Home, Offered Schematics, Suggesting Peace, and Interplanetary Escape Vehicle. But something is different. In an attempt to define this change, I bought their new CD Artifact.

At this point in time, STS9 can do no wrong by me, or anyone else it seems. With the release of Artifact, STS9 are on fire. They have reached the pinnacle of songwriting, and communication. Each track is deliberate, executed with professional exactness. The provocative, soul-reaching sound winds its way into the listeners mind and soul, leaving a lasting impression and need for more. Like an aphrodisiac, Artifact is addictive and good. I had Artifact on repeat for 5 hours before I realized I had been continuously listening to the same CD. The pacing of this disc is perfect for the continuous play. Artifact is a complete and total musical story, from the first track to the last note.

“Better Day” starts off with beautiful piano, and moving vocals uncharacteristic of their usual ambient otherworldly grooves. This reality-based track brings soul and gentleness with a unique mix of acoustic piano and guitar, vocals courtesy of Audio Angel, cello played by Rena Jones, and Sound Tribes interweaving sounds and effects. This track seamlessly transitions into “By the Morning Sun”, creating a continuous play of harmonic, melting grooves.

While STS9 has matured into a band that can arrange and play much, much more than ambient transcendental grooves, they have not forgotten their roots. Instead they have perfected their art. On “Tokyo” they mesmerize and transform notes into other worldly calling signs. The Zen Masters of Livetronica bring it on with such control and preciseness that you cannot stop your body from swaying and grooving.

And that is only Track 4!

Needless to say, I could go on and on about Artifact, but instead I have bought you a copy to accompany this, my resignation letter. Everything STS9 does has an underlying message and meaning. It is in this spirit that I must leave the corporate life and pursue peace through art and music. Listen hard, listen smart, and listen freely. Artifact will change your life, if you let it.

I’ll see you from the mountain tops.

With respect,

<insert your name here>



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