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Winter 2004
Issue #6
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Through Glass and Grain
Aiden FitzGerald
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Brandon Rigo

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by Aiden FitzGerald
Through Glass and Grain

From now on there will be tombs made of moss,
mirrors made of mud, cityscapes of cakes
and ale rising from calico skies,
cataracts dubbed with sun.
I will not wait for rainbows.
I am wary of dreams adrift with dust,
so I dig my hands in the sand,
sift through glass and grain, this
and that, yin and yang.
I’m tired of hollow reflections, horizontal lines.
All my life I have wanted to tame mountains,
ride rivers and hop trains bound for cherry trees.
I have already raised children, climbed walls,
swung far and wide from speckled fronds.
I have loved like Sappho.
I have done all I have had to do.
Let there be ecdysis. Let me shed these layers
and see what lies beneath.
So long, lateral. Let me leap.


-Aiden FitzGerald

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