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Reaction to November 3rd
Wesley Ratko
Many of us could not beleive it, but just remember what we've been through as a nation.

Be Kind to the Temple and Kick Cancer
Jon Heinrich
The body is your temple; physical and spiritual strength go hand in hand. Like Sting said "We're just spirits in a material world"...

The Dehydration Epidemic
Jaime Larese
Our first step to improving a myriad of health problems is understanding dehydration and how much water we need to be drinking daily to maintain our fragile health.



Practical Reaction to November 3rd

by Wesley Ratko
Published 12/18/04

I am a member of the generation of young Americans who awoke two days ago to the bitter disappointment that we face another four years of a Bush presidency. Many are depressed today as they reflect on what this means for the future and what it says about our fellow countrymen.

But before we all give up, throw our hands to the sky and declare defeat, we should remember a few things. This country has survived a Civil War, a civil rights movement, two world wars, presidents the likes of McKinley, Harding and Nixon; anti-Communist witch hunts, a Great Depression and other lesser known ills and disasters both political and social. It has survived because, beyond the ignorance and religious fundamentalism, we are all, regardless of subcategory, bound together and protected by a constitution that has withstood attacks from cold hearts and weak minds since its inception.

Those of us who recognize the current administration for what it is: a blatant threat to the middle class, to women's rights, to the environment, to the image of this great nation in the eyes of the world, need to hold onto our optimism. We need to remain steadfast in our commitment to, and our faith in, the system and the American people governed by it.

Those Americans who made their choice yesterday for a president whose policies run contrary to their own economic self-interests did so because they were duped. They voted based on false pretenses. As a friend of mine is fond of saying, George W. Bush is the SUV of political candidates: he makes you feel safer, even when you're more vulnerable to danger.

For those who see religion as the insurmountable divide in this country, they should know that God isn't the issue here; it's truth. People will only see what they want to see, until there's nowhere else turn and the truth stares them squarely in the face.

I believe it's going to get worse before it gets better. More American soldiers are going to die, more hard working American citizens are going to fall below the poverty line and more of our civil rights will be lost, sacrificed in the name of security. The damage this man and his party is capable of inflicting on all of us will take decades to reverse, but because of our constitution, we will reverse it. In time, we will recover from George W. Bush, make sure history remembers him for what he is and restore the good name of this, the greatest nation on the planet, in the eyes of the rest of the world. The fight isn't over; it's only just begun.

Wesley Ratko

"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood.... Make big plans... aim high in hope and work."

-Daniel Burnham

Ain't gonna happen...

John Kerry victory party, November 2, 2004.

Copley Square,
Boston, MA.



Jon Bon Jovi

"Shot doooowwwwnnnn

in a blaze of glory!"




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