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Reaction to November 3rd
Wesley Ratko
Many of us could not beleive it, but just remember what we've been through as a nation.
Be Kind to the Temple and Kick Cancer
Jon Heinrich
The body is your temple; physical and spiritual strength go hand in hand. Like Sting said "We're just spirits in a material world"...

The Dehydration Epidemic
Jaime Larese
Our first step to improving a myriad of health problems is understanding dehydration and how much water we need to be drinking daily to maintain our fragile health.

Wake Up Call
Brian O'Connell
Only through true revolution will real change come. Otherwise it will all just be a bunch of theater, puppets and candle light vigils that can easily be shrugged off by the powers that be.

Aaron Ades
Create what you need and eliminate the reliance on things you cannot create.

Diary of a Future Rock Star
The Tonic
2004 for me is about finding what my life goal is truly about. I am beginning to think it has less to do with music than it does with spreading love, kindness and happiness.

Beaver Moon
Sarah Benjamin
We were kind of making out, and then...I said,"let's step out on the balcony and look at the moon!" Ivy said "Yeah!."

Cows in the Road
Dan Berthiaume
Ramshackle wire fencing surrounded a wide yard full of grass that stood close to a foot high, except in ragged patches that Bob assumed were chewed by a goat he saw pacing back and forth against the fencing

Summer's Freckles
Wesley Ratko
And then before him, as though by magic, Emma was there. She was lithe and beautiful, her skin freckly and pale, her red hair blowing in the breeze that carried the mist of the field sprinkler across their faces. Arthur was awestruck, surprised by the bevy of emotion that erupted from within him.

Long's Peak: Epic Winter Ascent
Aron Ralston
Away I went, feeling as strong and prepared as I've ever felt for climbing a winter 14er. Via the iced-over Keyhole Route, I summited Longs Peak for my 41st winter 14er solo in 4-1/2 hours...

A Photo Essay on Peace
Join Meniscus Magazine in downtown Boston during political season to see what the people have to say.

è bella Designs in Peru
Michael Weintrob
Photographer Michael Weintrob travels to Peru with è bella Designs, to capture how è bella has helped to revive the art of weaving and the Peruvuian economy.

Sound of Paintings
Yuko Adachi with Ai Isshiki & Sakiko Mori
Jon Heinrich
An evening of original music and intricately woven visual language. Through Adachi’s paintings a philosophy of unlimitations, metaphysical intrigue and growth is revealed.

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Take a Trip with the Wild and Wooly Masters of the Jam-Jazz Scene
Brian Gagné
All is One and Telluride is Acoustic, display two sides of the same avant-jazz coin that is JFJO. Join them on their “Magical Tour of Truth, Love, and Light”.

Sound Tribe Sector 9: Focusing the Light
Jon Heinrich
David Murphy from STS9 talks with Meniscus about the sense of life that dawns inspiration for the river of music they produce. What does it take for a soul to create such a mellifluous groove?

Through Glass and Grain

Aiden FitzGerald

four poems
Brandon Rigo
Art Model
Julia Magnusson
Julia Magnusson

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