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Issue #6
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Aiden FitzGerald
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Brandon Rigo

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four poems
by Brandon Rigo
Published 11/15/03

It has Always Been here
It will Continue Forever
It's perceived differently by All
There is never enough of it;
but sometimes it seems never ending
It's Measureable-But only relatively
It Allows things to grow
but kills everything....TIME


The Real World
Beauty Preceeding us
Life Giving
Soul Cleansing
Health Restoring
Mind Expanding-
The Reason for everything...


Fear of Fear
Heart racing, palms sweating
unable to think
Breath escaping
mind racing visions of the worst
death coming
the occurance passes
nothing happens
life continues
The process repeats


On Flow
My path has been laid
only fate knows the destination
guided by coincidences and energy.
I believe I have ideas
but only the flow will take me there
I am on my way
using the paddle I Have been given
to guide my vessel through the flow
never forgetting that I cannot control the flow
for alas I am just a passenger

-Brandon Rigo

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