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Long's Peak: Epic Winter Ascent
Aron Ralston
Away I went, feeling as strong and prepared as I've ever felt for climbing a winter 14er. Via the iced-over Keyhole Route, I summited Longs Peak for my 41st winter 14er solo in 4-1/2 hours...

A Photo Essay on Peace
Join Meniscus Magazine in downtown Boston during political season to see what the people have to say.

è bella Designs in Peru
Michael Weintrob
Photographer Michael Weintrob travels to Peru with è bella Designs, to capture how è bella has helped to revive the art of weaving and the Peruvuian economy.


é bella designs

in the High Andés of Peru

Photos by Michael Weintrob

Published 5/15/04

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“In the end, everyone involved discovers the connections and similarities that define humanity, that with our art we can all reach out to a community beyond our own,” says Nicole.

è bella reminds us that together we can work towards a global community.


Since founding è bella in 1999, Nicole Linton has emerged as a top designer fusing contemporary themes with ancient Peruvian weaving techniques.


Using her knowledge of design aesthetics combined with her modern taste in fashion, she has developed a commercially viable product that has also helped revive a weaving tradition in a region devastated by the Peruvian civil war of the late 80s and early 90s. In doing so, Nicole has improved the standard of living for many weavers and their families.


In 1992, Nicole traveled to Central America where her connection to the natural world and native peoples grew. She realized the importance of thinking globally as she taught Western tourists about the fragile ecosystem of the rainforest, and, along with human rights lawyer, Graham Russell, met torture victims of Nicaragua’s civil war.

It became Nicole's goal to create a bridge between cultures.

"Our goal at è bella is to create unique functional products full of artistic integrity and cultural history while maintaining a global connection between each artist. We hope to be an example for social responsibility not just in the world of art but in the world itself."


Here we see Nicole buying wool fleece from a Quechua woman.

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Photos of Peru
by Michael Weintrob
at www.groovetography.com

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