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Hijacking the Big Bang Theory
Derek Meier
Today, religion is being replaced by luxury worship, where to have is to be fulfilled. Buying is the new praying. American Express the new holy bread and Master Card the holy blood of Christ that we must consume for eternal life and understanding...

Surviving and Flourishing Through Cancer
Rachael Wilcox & Jon Heinrich
This November 5th The Wellness Community of Greater Boston will host an art exhibit and fundraiser to commemorate the stories of lives touched by cancer. The afternoon event will feature work by artists Stephanie Angelo, Lorna Ritz and Rachael Wilcox. Through the use of different mediums from painting to sculpture, the reception will display the triumphs and legacies of cancer patients, their stories told visually. Meniscus Magazine had the chance to catch up with ceramicist Rachael Wilcox to learn about her wholehearted contribution to the cause.

Introduction to the Quantum Octave Theory
Jon Heinrich
It is through physically evasive mediums that music lives. Both music and physics exist through the same cosmic rule of Eight. When notes flowed through Jerry’s guitar, where did they come from? The notes come not only from just within him, but within us all; alive or dead, organic or inanimate, here or there. He is cutting past manifest reality. Something is happening on a metaphysical level, here's my theory.




Scientists have discovered a stream of particles being emitted from celestial bodies such as our sun. Discovered in 1956, they were originally thought to be without mass, but recently that view has changed. Due to the ability of scientists to “catch” them with a collection device, they must have mass, though infinitesimal.

These elusive particles traverse space and travel through everything in their path. Since they only interact with matter with the weak nuclear force, they are all but undetectable. They have the properties of both a particle and an oscillating wave and travel near the speed of light.

As you sit here reading this, particles traveling the speed of light pass through you. Billions and billions of highly energized, extremely dense particles pass from head to foot every second. It is thought that these particles are so dense, that the strength of their gravitational force affects the formation of galaxies. Currently scientists are attempting to create and chart the path of man-made neutrinos by sending them underground from Switzerland to Italy.

It’s hard to believe there is a constant stream of super-energized matter flowing through us every second of the day at near-light speeds! Look at your hand and picture what that means. Look at the air around you, the walls, the computer screen; how is it possible for these particles to travel through our oblivious eyes? Herein lies the mystery, but also a clue.

Timeline & Cast of Characters from The Dancing Wu Li Masters – Gary Zukov

– 1803 Thomas Young's double slit experiment.
– 1887Michelson-Morley experiment
– 1897 Electron discovered
– 1900 Max Plank's quantum hypothesis
– 1905 Albert Einstein's photon theory & special theory of relativity
– 1911 Nucleus discovered
– 1913 Niels Bohr's specific-orbitz model of the atom
– Albert Einstein's 1915 general theory of relativity
– 1925 Wolfgang Pauli's exclusion principle
– 1925 Werner Heisenberg's matrix mechanics
– 1926 ErwinSchrödinger’s wave equation
– 1926 Max Born's probability interpretation of wave function
– 1927 Niels Bohr's complementarity
– 1927 Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
– 1927Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
– 1928 Paul Dirac, anti-mater
– 1932 Neutron discovered
– 1932 Positrondiscovered
– 1932 John Von Neumann 's quantum logic
– 1935 Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky & Nathan Rosen's EPR paper
– 1935 Hedeki Yukawa predicts meson
– 1947 Mesondiscovered
– 1957 Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
– 1962 Quasars discovered
– 1964 Quarks hypothesized
– 1964 J.S. Bell’s Theorm
– 1970 David Bohm's implicate order
– 1971 Henry Stapp's nonlocal connections re: Bell’s theorm
– 1972 Freedman-Clausser experiment


Published 9/18/05

Jostling amongst a thick crowd of people, I feel the pulse of instruments rip through my chest. All of my attention is involuntarily focused on the complex rhythm coursing through what feels like a rip in the fabric of the universe. Everyone is dancing—not with one another but together, one with all. Smiles jet across faces and hair thrashes in every direction as the collective group swells together in sync with the psychedelic metronome that is the band on stage. As my mind wanders further towards that place it needs to be and deeper into the music, I begin to see a dim ambient glow adrift over the bobbing heads. Streams of dark swirls envelop the stage in swooping madness from the conjuring wizards’ work on stage. Something is happening on a metaphysical level and I want to know why.

The new physics is discovering underlying patterns of force behind life that may help answer that question. Quantum physicists have discovered the elusive behavior of particles that actually change depending on the hypothesis of the experiment. In 1803, Thomas Young discovered what would become the cornerstone of modern quantum physics. In his famous double-slit experiment, he shot a single particle towards two slits to map the wave motion of the particle. Instead, he found that the particle would go through one of two slits based on his expectations. In other words, when he changed his hypothesis, the particle would respond by changing its path. The simple implications are that the physical world of matter and energy respond to our thinking on a subatomic level.

Also consider that particles called neutrinos flow through earth, and everyone on it, by the millions. These miniscule particles travel near the speed of light from celestial bodies. Neutrinos do have mass but simply change “flavors” as they pass through different objects. (See sidebar.) This means that tremendous cosmic forces flow through our environment like winds on the sea. What if we were able to erect a ‘sail’ to harness this cosmic energy and put it to use? The possibilities are endless, for all of us—since we’re all intimately connected.

Ever since the big bang, everything in the universe has been expanding outwards. However before that, we were one singularity and once particles are connected, they stay connected even through space and time. Now science is coming to the same conclusion that ancient Buddhists have known for years: that we are all One.

Every one of us is like a droplet of color twisted up into a flask of glycerin. Once the ink is completely enfolded into the glycerin, the single droplet appears to have disappeared. We are invisibly stirred into the mix, yet exist independently when unfolded from the solution.

First the enfolding: physics and music
Many a great musician has described him- or herself as a conduit of music instead of the source. They neither conceive it nor create the music, it simply flows through them. Since the music already exists, where is it? It seems to float behind the matter-front that we all see. It is energy, but contained in All.

Jerry Garcia, for example, was a revolutionary that could now be considered the grandfather to an entire culture of music, defined by Dean Budnick as the Jamband genre. Jerry contained a truly unique life force through which 30 years of music flowed during his career with the Grateful Dead. Unlike anyone else, he was able to grasp a particular style of rhythms flowing from the Source and distribute them to thousands of happy listeners. Then one day his conduit was spent and as self-prophesized, he found out that “death don’t have no mercy.” The bubble of life that contained Garcia burst, releasing his spirit and harmony into the ocean of the universe. And now he’s gone; or is he?

Whereas the bubble containing Jerry’s energy has burst, the energy still exists and is perhaps more prominent than ever as it continues to flow through musicians who feel the music. This creative life force is also why a live recording can never capture the true living music of a concert: Because it transcends to something higher than mechanical vibrations traveling from pick to string through cord to amp through speaker to ear. There is a life behind it.

It is through physically evasive mediums that music lives. Both music and physics exist through the same cosmic rule of Eight. For example, musical notes are organized by octaves. The number eight appears in such places as the game of chess and the ancient Chinese oracle of change, the I Ching. This is so abstract, we simply know it exists although we can never really determine how or why. The only thing we can do is listen and enjoy.

Being humans, we are allotted only five senses to discover the undiscoverable. This is why the task of cutting into quantum mechanics and music is frustrating and is necessarily never ending. Perhaps music gives us one more perspective of the Universe so we are better able to understand it. At least we are able to enjoy it!

Music gives us a glimpse of the “Overworld”. It is addictive for those who refuse to settle for ordinary, four-dimensional life (including time.) It is a peak at the Other side: the swirling cosmos within, containing more energy than the world can produce in a thousand years. After all, according to Einstein, E=mc2 (or energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, meaning even the most miniscue amount of matter contains a ridiculous amount of energy.) Thus music allows us to surf this high-powered cosmic ether.

When notes flowed through Jerry’s guitar, where did they come from? The notes come not only from just within him, but within us all; alive or dead, organic or inanimate, here or there. He is cutting past manifest reality.

His first step was to master the mechanical interaction between his mind, his hands and his guitar (and of course his feet and his pedals.) In order to enter the optimal flow state, he can not be thinking “first finger, fourth fret…C chord, shift C-minor…”; it must be automatic. Mastery is necessary.

The second element is his energy. He was a beaming individual as many will attest. Through his dynamic personality, he was able to reach out to a crowd of people and conjure their collective field. In a give-take energy engine, he fed the momentum until a cosmic hurricane erupted between the crowd and himself. Now a power greater than the sum of the parts culminates in the arena creating a field of dancing effervescence.

During peak sets, Jerry would ride the collective soul of the crowd as if water skiing behind a speed boat. He jitters off the waves quickly and when the critical speed is reached, he can increase the collective level further.

It all ties together. Everything is connected. Tremendous energy exists and you can harness it with intention. So what I’m saying is stop and take a look around. THE WORLD IS NOT THE STATIC FAÇADE THAT WE SEE!



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