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Fuel Cell Technology Will Change Our World
Paul Matthews and Jon Heinrich
Quite simply, hydrogen fuel cells are like batteries, except they never run dry as long if constantly supplied with fuel and air. The fossil fuel shortage is about to catapult this technology to the forefront of industry to facilitate off-the-grid living.
A Short History of Nearly Everything
A review by Chrystie Hopkins
This 2003 best seller from author Bill Bryson takes the reader from the birth of the universe all the way through the lucky breaks we have experienced as a species to allow us to be standing here now. Truly a miracle!
Supplemental Thinking
Meniscus Magazine is here to support mind expansion. Take a moment to focus on chemical science! Find out what nutrients from the health food store can revitalize your precious grey area.
Sunshine is a State of Mind
Seasonal depression is real. Getting enough Vitamin D means nothing but fun in the sun! How much do I need? Glad you asked!
$300 Billion Dollars for WAR!
Compiled by Chrystie Hopkins
It is difficult to understand what $300 billion dollars is equivalent to, it is beyond comprehension. Here are some facts to put it in perspective.
Cindy Sheehan, WMD and Bush's Pretext
for Waging War on Iraq

Jason Leopold
Still trying to figure out what’s eating Cindy Sheehan? Perhaps its that none of the intelligence that president Bush used to rationalize the war has ever panned out. WMDs, ballistic missiles, unmanned drones... Whatever Cindy, get over it!

Hijacking the Big Bang Theory
Derek Meier
Today, religion is being replaced by luxury worship, where to have is to be fulfilled. Buying is the new praying. American Express the new holy bread and Master Card the holy blood of Christ that we must consume for eternal life and understanding...

Surviving and Flourishing Through Cancer
Rachael Wilcox & Jon Heinrich
This November 5th The Wellness Community of Greater Boston will host an art exhibit and fundraiser to commemorate the stories of lives touched by cancer. The afternoon event will feature work by artists Stephanie Angelo, Lorna Ritz and Rachael Wilcox. Through the use of different mediums from painting to sculpture, the reception will display the triumphs and legacies of cancer patients, their stories told visually. Meniscus Magazine had the chance to catch up with ceramicist Rachael Wilcox to learn about her wholehearted contribution to the cause.

Introduction to the Quantum Octave Theory
Jon Heinrich
It is through physically evasive mediums that music lives. Both music and physics exist through the same cosmic rule of Eight. When notes flowed through Jerry’s guitar, where did they come from? The notes come not only from just within him, but within us all; alive or dead, organic or inanimate, here or there. He is cutting past manifest reality. Something is happening on a metaphysical level, here's my theory.

On Cloud Pond: Simple Agendas in Maine's Hundred Mile Wilderness Area
Jon Heinrich
According to Bill Bryson, Cloud Pond is the nicest campsite he'd experienced anywhere on the Appalachian Trail. Take the tour and experience the "couple of hundred of acres of exquisitely peaceful water" for yourself.

Going Big in Big Sky Country
Chrystie Hopkins
Things run a little differently in Montana. The typical clientelle includes black bear cubs, wolves, osprey, owls and deer—a stark contrast to traffic lights and sky scrapers. Out here the cycle of life is much more basic then our complicated human lives—only the need to survive is essential.

Liz Simons
The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) is a living, breathing organization which will have 40,000 players registered worldwide by the end of 2005. Chances are if you meet me walking down the street I will be carrying big red rubber ball and I’ll hand you a card. But I’m not trying to recruit you for a cult. I just want you to take part in kickball, the new American—and soon to be worldwide—pastime

Photo Tour: The Smithsonian, Washington DC
Join Meniscus on a photo tour of the country's foremost collection of scientific history.

Lollapalooza 2005: Revival of the Fittest
Chrystie Hopkins
To Lollapalooza mastermind Perry Ferrell, Lollapalooza is his way of staying in love with the world. This year the city of Chicago provided the ideal backdrop for the 2-day festival featuring high-energy bands from all across the spectrum.

Movie Review:
A Glimpse Through Sci-Fi's Past
Chrystie Hopkins
Predicting and describing the future is no easy task, and eerily, some of the early science fiction writers have hit pretty close to the mark. For a possible glimpse into your future, check out the Meniscus picks for best Science Fiction movies.

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DJ Williams ProjektProjekt Management
New MonsoonThe Sound
Hypnotic ClambakeMayonnaise

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