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Assembling Peace II
Saturday, October 8, 2005
Jamaica Plain, MA


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The Resistance Strikes Back!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2005

at Spontaneous Celebrations
45 Danforth Street
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

Map to Spontaneous Celebrations

Assembling Peace is an event to draw in and expose newcomers to alternative views on war and peace. Through music, art, speakers and puppetry, assemblees will learn what they can do to better our society and the world. Bringing the musical, artistic and activist subcultures together will foster community networking and create a forum for new ideas and action.

Assembling Peace II

"Assembling Peace II" will be held at the Spontaneous Celebrations community center in Jamaica Plain on Saturday, October 8 from 7:00pm-1:00am. This is a fundraiser and pep rally for the October 29th Anti-War March and Rally that is taking place in Boston (

The October 8th, Assembling Peace II is a follow up to the first Assembling Peace, which took place at the same location on March 26. The goal of that event (and for this event on 10/8) was to introduce new people to activism and provide a chance for the existing activist community in Boston to meet in a forum that was relaxed, energizing and fun. About 250 people participated or attended and profits from that party went towards Boston Mobilization to help with the costs of putting on the March 20 anti-war protest in Boston. Pictures of the 3/26 Assembling Peace can be seen here:

Spontaneous Celebrations has two floors and can hold 280 occupants. The first floor will be set up for organizations to provide information tables and introduce themselves, network, promote their actions and find new volunteers. There is a side room on the first floor that will be set up for massage chairs and arts related activities like making protest signs. There will also be food on the first floor, in addition to the cash bar upstairs.

The Second floor has a bar that will serve beer, wine and fair trade coffee (courtesy of Equal Exchange). There is a stage on the second floor that will host the performers and speakers. A diverse array of musicians, poets, comedians, entertainers and speakers will alternate on this stage. Every organization that tables on the first floor is encouraged to speak. The
program will focus on diversity and present a broad spectrum of race, sex, musical styles and speakers including veterans, youth, socialists, environmentalists, anti-war, labor rights, low income advocates and much more.

Contact: Brian O’Connell, 617-947-8983

Boston Saturday, October 6, 7pm-1am, $10, cash bar
at Spontaneous Celebrations
45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plain, MA
A block from Stony Brook T stop


The Foundation (
The New Souls (
Guitar Circle New England (
Andrew Alexander (
Eddy Dyer and The Walking Shoe Orchestra (
Thea Hopkins (
Brian O'Connell
Natebox & Amatul of Aquari‚i Arts (
Sean Frenette
Project Move
KAOS Puppets

Klare Allen (Safety Net)
Jeff Herman
Carlos ElHuezo (Salvadorian Initiative)
Carols Arredondo (Goldstar Families for Peace)
Sarah Pearlstien (poet)

Participating Groups and Individuals:
Grassroots International (
Salvadorian Initiative for Education and Culture
Socialist Alternative (
Equal Exchange (
International Action Center (
Socialist Workers Party (,
Meniscus Magazine (http://www,
Buddhist Peace Fellowship (
Billionaires for Bush (
Jamaica Plain Green-Rainbow Party (
International Socialist Organization (
Code Pink (
Aquari‚i Arts Network (
Safety Net
Goldstar Families for Peace (
Lucy Parsons Center (
United for Justice with Peace (
Aidna (

And more . . .

Download fliers in PDF format:
8.5 x 11

Link to October 29th Coalition, Assembling Peace page

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Spontaneous Celebrations
45 Danforth St, Jamaica Plain MA 02130
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From Stony Brook T stop, Orange Line:
Exit right from the MBTA station on to Boylston St. Cross Lamartine St.
(light) and continue on the right side of Boylston St. one short block. The
next right is Danforth St. # 45 is the first large building in from the
corner on the left side of the street.

From the Jamaicaway, coming from Boston or Cambridge:
Go left on Bynner (lights after Brookline overpass). Go through lights at
South Huntington. Right at Day St. Go straight at stop sign (Center St.)
Take next left at Paul Gore St. Go down Paul Gore St. to the end, turn right
at Larmartine, take first right at Boylston, first right at Danforth.

Our four main objectives are:

1) Contribute to the ending of the war.

2) Embrace Individual Empowerment – Middle class Americans are among the most powerful people in the world. The power to vote and your choice of who to support through consumerism, leave YOU poised to make a difference.

3) Educate Yourself – Don’t let mass media shape your viewpoint—especially when they use fear to support propaganda that convinces us to vote against our own best interests.

4) Use the Alternative Model – Vote with your dollars—use pacifism to boycott companies that engage in global injustice. Think about your effect on the environment with each and every choice you make. And most of all, have fun! Don’t let the bureaucrats tell you that you should be afraid. Life is beautiful, enjoy it!

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More information to come,
please check back periodically for updates on participating
bands, speakers and artists!


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