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Premier Issue No. 1
August 14, 2003 - November 14, 2004

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The Star Said...
Emlyn Lewis

Dear Mr. Tax Man

Invigorating Shake
Photo Essay on Peace
Bicentennial Aries
Jon Heinrich
Stranger in Alaska
Ryan Collins

The End of Main Street
Wesley Ratko

The Fur Trapper
Evan Bynum
Travels with Dad
Sarah Edrich
Long's Peak Winter Solo
Aron Ralston
Las Vegas
Jon Heinrich
Film Review: Secretary
Josh Seifert
Your Basic Mindf***: A Review of Wayne Krantz' Latest, Your Basic Live
Brian Gagne
Interview with Silent Treatment
Chrystie Hopkins
Independence of Common Humanity
Daniel Stevens
September in Chicago
Derek Meier
Father Time was a Bastard
Dan Boudreau
Wispers of the Mind
Dan Boudreau
2 Haikus
Laura R. Prince
Sarah Edrich
Pete Pidgeon
Meniscus Premier Launch Party
Zeitgeist Gallery
Cambridge, Massachusetts
August 14, 2003
Metro Saturdays hosts
Meniscus Portland Launch
Sky Bar @ The Roxy
Portland, Maine
August 30, 2003
State of the Art
Lounge Ten
Boston, Massachussets
October 23, 2003


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Father Time Was A Bastard

The diversion initiates my tears to perspire as
my inadequate antique watch surges on…

Ticking and tocking with the perpetual
precision of an eternally spiteful pendulum,
concerned only by its duty;

First chair in Father’s Great Orchestra

He tilts his temporarily with a devious
…There is no rhyme or reason only the
seasons, waxing and waning with a flick of
His wrist...

As he exhales with a sigh, a winterly wind
wisps with a gust, thousands of tangled leaves
twist and turn in an erotic primal dance…

Father’s breath seduces these translucent
tingling leaves into orgasmic orange orifices
of dwindling ticks…

They slouch and fold as their consciousness
crumbles, all of the while unaware of the

Bold and beautiful once they swayed, now
battered and bruised and they ultimately

In Mother’s Sanctuary

Before they are glanced upon or ever
touched, a blink of the eye and they all
decompose to dust…

The lovers still prance as the poets’ pens
dance, all of the while their toes still tap to
the ticking and tocking that Father

Stalking it ticks, mocking it tocks, never for a
single instance does His prehistoric
orchestrated melody veer from its ancient tempo;

The Golden Rule

Unlike our hearts, its beat will never stop.
Our centrifugal existence will never pull out
of its graceful spin for a dip or a kiss…

Our Mother will never pause to give us a
farewell touch or any kind of notoriety…

Even after a lifetime of reciprocating love
and nourishment, while enduring her
Husband’s constant ticking and tocking,
She will deny us of any acknowledgement…

She will simply supply us with our final
resting place until Father washes us away
with his deliberate

His decibels increase until all are forgotten,
before He switches back to the tantalizing
tempo He used at the beginning…

At first He played such a soft sweet tune, but
as the ticks and tocks battled for supremacy,
the sound grew with their mounting desire…

Now as I lay amidst the last moments of my
desperation He beats savagely on His
deafening drum, drowning out my final

After all, my request is for the absolute,
unattainable, universal dream;

A Moment of Silence


-Dan Boudreau




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