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September-November 2004

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A Photo Expedition of Phish Tour
Team Meniscus
Join us for a photographic excursion to the land of Gamehenge, past and...well, past.

See You at the Top!
A Lung Cancer Benefit in Colorado's High Country
This August, the Mendel-Asarch Family Lung Cancer Foundation sponsored their annual ascent of Colorado's Greys Peak, to raise money for lung cancer research.

Free Speech Zone
Yes, at the 2004 DNC the first ammedment only applies to a restricted area surrounded by concrete barriers, two fences, razor wire, riot squads, and military police. God fuckin' bless America. Thanks Tom Ridge, you're the man.


In Here,

Free Speech Zone

July 26-29, 2004

Photos by Jon Heinrich

Published 9/25/04

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Apparently the government expected a lot of ruckus at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston this July. Across the street from the Fleet Center, this area was fenced off and designated the "Free Speech Zone," where citizens could come and voice their concerns.






Thankfully the first amendment is still valid somewhere—even if it is inside a cage.


Although many protested the "pen" by boycotting it all together, many still gathered to speak their mind.


Wow, I feel safer already!




"This is what its like in Palestine all the time."

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