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Long's Peak: Epic Winter Ascent
Aron Ralston
Away I went, feeling as strong and prepared as I've ever felt for climbing a winter 14er. Via the iced-over Keyhole Route, I summited Longs Peak for my 41st winter 14er solo in 4-1/2 hours...

A Photo Essay on Peace
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è bella Designs in Peru
Michael Weintrob
Photographer Michael Weintrob travels to Peru with è bella Designs, to capture how è bella has helped to revive the art of weaving and the Peruvuian economy.


Longs Peak Winter Solo,


Aron Ralston
Published 8/01/03

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7. The Keyhole at 13,150' above the Boulderfield.



8. Read the January 2003 edition of Rock and Ice (Issue #121) for the full story of Vaille's and her partner Kiener's epic ascent of the East Face (via Lamb's Slide, Broadway, and the Notch Couloir) in Jan. 1925.






9. A self-portrait amongst the rime-plastered rocks of the Keyhole.




10. My first view of the slabby traverse across the West Face to get into the Trough Couloir.






11. Looking up the Trough Couloir, with a lot of exposed rocks.





12. At 13,250' at the bottom of the Trough Couloir, I put in a favorite Crystal Method CD and cranked my way up the rock-strewn gully, staying mostly on the snow runnels but moving back to the rocks when the sub-surface ice got closer to the surface.





13. A view down the Trough from the middle of the 500' couloir climb.

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