YUKO ADACHI was born in Tokyo and was raised in Japan, England and The United States of America. She had traveled extensively while she was young. Her first public acknowledgement of artistic talent was made in England in her early teens. She had won several art competitions at school and her own art teachers became her first collectors! She feels very thankful to this day to the British acute sense in art and encouraged her to go to Art school. However, when it was her time to pursue a higher education, a turn of fate made her attend Sophia University in Tokyo and Georgetown University in DC, where she received her first bachelor's in French Literature. Then finally, she came to the U.S. to pursue her vocation. She studied at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University where she had been awarded with a merit scholarship. She also attended the School of Museum of Fine Arts as a selected exchange student. She observes her artwork evolving with her personal growth as a human being. She is constantly searching for the genuine visual language to express her inner visions. The challenge of a struggle keeps her alive. She paints, makes sculptures, and does installations. However, her ongoing focus in the past few years has been painting. She paints emotions and thoughts with hope to connect human souls.Today, she is a member of Cambridge Art Associations and continues to live and work in Boston as an emerging artist.